Learn to Fish

View this video from Larry Dahlberg, lead fishing instructor for the School of Outdoor Sports. Then select a link below the video to start your fishing adventures. We suggest you start with Becoming an Angler.


Hi, I’m Larry Dahlberg, lead fishing instructor for the School of Outdoor Sports.

Being outside, in the real world, is a big reward, all by itself. But we want you to learn the secrets to success, too, because it’s also rewarding to get what you’re after.

To catch something when you go fishing, there are skills you need to learn. Here they are, in simple language everyone can understand.

If you have questions as we go along, it’ll be easy to ask ‘em. Welcome to the real world, and the great sport of fishing!

Becoming an Angler (Overall Basics of Fishing)

(This is the first step, the overall essential basics, no matter what species of fish you’re after, no matter if it’s in freshwater or saltwater.)

Becoming an Angler: Intro
Intro to Finding Fish
Search with Sonar
Search Using Maps
Using Underwater Cameras
Seasonal Movements of Fish
Intro to Catching Fish
Choosing and Using Artificial Lures
Live Bait, Pt 1 (Catching Minnows)
Live Bait, Pt 2 (Float Fishing)
Hook ‘em and Hold ‘em
Stealth Catches Fish
Launching & Loading a Boat
Basics of Boat Control
Docking a Boat
Overall Basics of Trolling
Basics of Trolling, continued
A Simple Trolling System
Trolling with Planer Boards
Trolling with Downriggers

Good Luck Fishing!



Ice fishing

Introduction to Modern Ice Fishing

Hi, I’m Dave Genz, Lead Ice Fishing Instructor for the School of Outdoor Sports.

Ice fishing has changed completely in the recent past. It has become an active sport, where you hunt for fish, see them below you, and figure out what it takes to catch them. We want you to learn the secrets to modern ice fishing, because it’s more fun when you’re out there catching fish!

Here are the essential basics, so you can quickly learn my system that took many years to refine. Watch the lessons, and if you have questions as you go along, click on ‘Ask Questions’ and fire away. We’re standing by to make sure you don’t have to learn by yourself.

Welcome to the great sport of modern ice fishing!

Learn how tactics have changed over the years to improve our success on the ice. Then move on to the other videos and learn even more about this exciting sport.

The Basics of Modern Ice Fishing
Part 1, Understanding Ice Periods
Part 2, Daytime vs. Prime Time
Part 3, Advantages & Challenges
Part 4, Mobility & Efficiency
Part 5, Presentation Details
Part 6, Detecting Bits
Part 7, Set the Hook, Land the Fish
Part 8, Have a Plan
Part 9, Become a Fish Finder