About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to reversing well-documented trends of declining participation in the traditional outdoor sports of fishing, hunting, and recreational shooting.
How we do it:
– We inspire people to try fishing, hunting and/or shooting, then teach them basics so they find success right away.
– We encourage people to try any aspect that sounds fun, and let them freely choose what they like best.
– We treat all beginners equally, regardless of age.
– Young beginners who need someone to take them are matched up with established mentoring organizations.
– As beginners get started, we answer their follow-up questions, which helps them overcome learning curves and feelings of intimidation. We also support their ongoing outings, by continuing to answer their questions and giving them a gathering place to share stories and pictures.
– We also inspire, recruit, and teach more mentors.
– We help potential mentors who don’t think of themselves as mentors, because they lack the knowledge necessary to lead beginners. For example, single mothers who could take their kids fishing if they only knew how.
– We repair the broken connection with ‘casual’ anglers, hunters and shooters. These are people who have dabbled in these sports but don’t go often, or at all, because they did not find success or sufficient reward.
– We re-ignite passion ‘experienced but lapsed’ participants used to feel for these sports, help them quickly brush up on basics, and in many cases turn them into badly needed mentors. We then link them to established mentoring groups that they can help. At the very least, they become participants again.
The result of these combined efforts is a steady flow of fully engaged, active anglers, hunters and shooters.


Learn more about the instructors and staff of the School of Outdoor Sports.

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