Common FAQs about Headlamps for Hunting

If you’re an entry level hunter or an experienced one, you may already know that having the right gear when hunting can make a difference. From the waterproof hunting boots to the right jacket or the reliable headlamp- there are only so many items that you need to choose carefully for your hunting.

This time, we’re not going to talk about how to choose your headlamp for your hunting. We’re taking a different approach and list you some of the most common FAQs on headlamps for hunting. Giving them a read is going to help you make a clear idea about how it is to buy a headlamp for hunting online.

Is a headlamp for hunting capable to handle the extreme conditions?

This depends a lot on the overall quality of your headlamp. You should always look for the respected manufacturers and take a look at the reviews on the products.

A good headlamp can be made with military grade Aircraft Aluminum Alloy and composite plastic. this results into a long lasting, comfortable and lightweight headlamp that is ideal for hunting. But you shouldn’t rule out one made of rugged plastic- it may actually work better for some!

Do you really need a red and green headlamp?

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The devoted hunter is going to need a headlamp that lets him/her switch from the pure white emitter to the red/green light emitter (the models are different).

Here’s why you should consider getting a headlamp that comes with a sort of feature:

  • You don’t blind other hunters/hikers/bikers. A pure white light may be too bright for one that is biking/hiking. A headlamp that comes with red/green light is a reliable solution to this problem!
  • You may remain undetected by the nocturnal animals. If you’re going to illuminate an area with the red/green emitter, you’re not going to disturb nocturnal animals. By contrary, if you use white light, you may alert the critters and…everyone suddenly knows you’re there!
  • The red/green headlamp is going to show fewer shadows than a pure white light
  • You should think about hunting with night vision scope. The red emitter is a good choice for preserving night vision. It seems that the green emitter does a pretty good job too.
  • Green emitters are highly reliable for tracking blood trails at night from your wounded game. Tracking it is going to be a lot easier.

How bright should the headlamp be?

If you’re an avid hunter, chances are that you’re going to look for the most powerful LED headlamps for hunting. Lumens tell you about the brightness of your headlamp so take a good look at the Lumen levels when selecting. You want to be able to rely on your headlamp even in the darkest night.

Do accessories for the headlamp matter?

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Even if they’re not mandatory, sometimes it’s wiser to pay the extra buck up front. Here are the accessories that are worth paying for:

  • Rechargeable Li-Io 18650 batteries
  • Smart battery charger
  • 30-money back guarantee
  • Free-shipping

What is the best type of batteries for the headlamps for hunting?

Even if some may find the headlamps that run on the affordable (and easy to find) AA batteries, others think that the Li-Io batteries make a perfect choice.

Unfortunately, the alkaline batteries aren’t able to hold a candle to a high-powered headlamp. So you should look for the reliable ones, which the Li-Io 18650 are most of the time.

What’s the ideal weight for a hunting headlamp?

A headlamp for hunting is made to take the heavy-duty use. As they’re headlamps, they have to balance the durability and the lightweight. The hunter doesn’t get tired and relies on it for a long time.

Some models may weigh 0.40lbs, and you can find models heavier than that. The tougher the material or the battery, the heavier the headlamp is going to be.

What’s the typical run-time on one battery charge for every setting?

It goes without saying that you should get a headlamp that has adjustable settings. Even if it depends a lot on the manufacturer, here are some hints on the run time. just to give you an idea:

  • Low- around 8 hours
  • Medium power- 6 hours
  • High power- 4 hours
  • Strobe mode- 8 hours

Are all hunting headlamps created equal?

The variety of models, quality and prices say a lot about the differences between the headlamps for hunting. Some are brighter, longer lasting and more reliable. Some are lighter, whereas others may be easier to use. It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. For instance, a headlamp made with aircraft aluminum and military grade composite plastic is going to be more expensive than one made of plastic. The rule of thumb is that the more you pay, the more you should expect in terms of durability, brightness, features and overall performance.

How long do you have to wait to get your hunting Headlamp?

When buying online, you should really read about the delivery time. Some online shops do offer amazing first class shipping to all customers, which means that you’re not going to pay other shipping fees.

Keep in mind that even if the shop is shipping your headlamp on the same day that you order, you may still have to wait 3-7 business days to actually get it to your doorstep.

Some newly designed LED Emitters are going to give whiter (this is also brighter) light than the previous models. They are made with newly engineered technology, which ensures a higher spectrum of light. Also, the new LED headlamps may come with a lifetime of 10,000 hours which means you’re going to be able to use it for quite some time.

Does the location of the shop counts when it comes to delivery time?

Most of the time, this shouldn’t make a big difference. Unless the shop is in your town, you should still expect a few days to get your headlamp for hunting.

Is the return policy important?

It’s not ideal, but you should check to see the return policy when buying. The last thing you want is to spend a couple of bucks (sort to speak) and end up with a lemon that you cannot return.

However, a respected and reliable manufacturer/ provider is going to provide you the possibility to return the product within 30 days (give or take) and even refund your money (no questions asked, of course!).