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Find a Mentor – Be a Mentor

Young anglers, hunters, and shooters need somebody to take them. All beginners do best when they keep going after they get started. The School of Outdoor Sports will help you Find a Mentor or Be a Mentor.

There are several ways to make it happen:

A parent, relative, or family friend can act as mentor. This is more possible than ever, because the School of Outdoor Sports can quickly teach mentors what they need to know to lead outings. (All you adults out there: even if you don’t feel qualified to lead outings, you can quickly learn what you need to know by studying our basic lessons.)

Youngsters can apply to be matched with a mentor. It’s best to get involved with a mentoring program that has strong mentoring guidelines, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors. Click on Find a Mentor and we’ll help you get started.

Youngsters can look for special opportunities, such as hands-on instructional events and mentored fishing, hunting, and shooting programs offered by state agencies and many great sporting groups.
We will help you locate these opportunities in our ‘Find a Mentor’ department. Let’s get started!

Find a Mentor

If you need a mentor, we can help you find one!

Think about whether a parent, relative, or family friend can be your mentor, with a little training. Ask someone you know if they would be willing to study the basic lessons here in the School of Outdoor Sports, then lead you on outings. (It’s fun to watch the lessons together!)

If you don’t know anyone who can be your outdoor mentor, you can apply to be matched up with a mentor, through Pass It On Outdoor Mentors or other established mentoring organizations.

To get started, completely fill out the form below and we’ll help you find someone in your area. All fields are required.

Be a Mentor

Thank you for considering the call to help!

There is a great need for adult mentors, but you do not need to be an expert to do a good job.

We will teach you what you need to know, so you can feel confident, no matter what aspect of fishing, hunting, or shooting your young beginners want to try.

Mentors, in our new system, include parents and guardians. You might be leading your own kids or grandkids on outings, but would like some help learning the basics before going into the field. We will train you, quickly, at your convenience.

In the case of youngsters who do not have anyone to take them, there is a great need for adult mentors who go through training and a background check, then get matched up with a youngster in their area.

There are also mentoring opportunities at events.

To get started, complete this form and we will welcome you into the new system that is creating a bright future for our outdoor traditions!

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