Guide to Use when Selecting Hunting Chars

Hunting Chairs- The reasons for Using one &The Ultimate Guide to Use when Selecting

If you’ve been hunting for a while, you know that you cannot just go ahead and buy the very first model you find in town. The design of the chair, the legs, the mechanisms, or the weight are only some of the many aspects you should check before choosing.

Turkey, dove, and deer hunting can get pretty tiring, so a comfortable chair is one key for succeeding. Even if it’s with a back is the most comfortable when sitting for hours, it may not be the best option in some hunting applications. You need to think about all factors affecting your hunt so that you increase your chance when shooting. Many times, even a simple chair such as seat cushion may work, but it all depends on what you’re going after.

When your hunting chair isn’t new, you have to check it really carefully, so that it doesn’t have any loose bolts or screws. Replace the worn parts and tighten everything that needs tightening. Don’t forget to give the chair a try since you don’t want to make any noises while hunting either. Better yet, make sure that you make it scentless so that your game doesn’t spot you from the moment you get there.

Not all hunters use a hunting chair, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not useful. There are many great things about these chair that you need to know abou, so keep reading for the details.

Why should you buy one anyway?

Hunting chairs, no matter the type of features, bring plenty of positive things to the table so here are the most important ones:

  • You can hunt for a longer time

One of the best parts about hunting is that you never quite know how many hours you’re going to pursue. Is the deer going to show early in the morning, or you’re going to wait all day long and come back empty-handed for all sorts of reasons? Truth is you don’t know, and that’s the beauty of hunting.

It doesn’t mean that you should suffer in pain while waiting for your game to show. No matter your physical shape, you’re still going to get tired after some time and even give up from all that wait.

But when you have one with you, you can make the wait a lot more comfortable and pleasant. You can actually sit for hours without even moving or making a sound.

  • You can get the best place

If you’ve been hunting for some time now, you know that having a good position is fundamental for making an accurate shot. A hunting chair will help you stay at the perfect time for many hours. Hunting requires you to remain still for an extended amount of time, and you cannot succeed otherwise.

Being able to sit still, yet relaxed, for many hours will help you get that accurate shot at the right time. You want to be able to shot before your game notices you.

  • It provides comfort

Hunting can get tiring, putting a lot of strain on your legs and back. When you’re using a hunting chair, you will feel more comfortable and able to focus entirely on your hunting. Frankly, you will sit down in the same position for quite some time, so don’t make any compromises on comfort when selecting your chair. You don’t want to get a numb arm or leg right when your game is in the line of fire. If you’re going to use a hunting chair, at least get one that offers comfort for many hours!

  • It helps you hide into surroundings

Needless to say, the majority of hunting chairs come with camo colors so that animals don’t spot you while you’re hiding. A reliable hunting chair will provide the concealment you need before taking that shot. You cannot relax in a chair, knowing that your game will notice it from the moment you get there.

  • It keeps you safe and sound

Being safe while hunting is essential. Standing for many hours on a tree stand, for instance, poses some risks for accidents, and you never want to come back home with a broken leg. Always go for the rugged and reliable hunting chairs that provide stability and take the rough conditions of hunting. As noisy hunting chairs put you at risk, stay away from models with the flimsy feel and squeaky sounds too. It’s not worth it!

How can you tell apart good hunting chairs from poor models?

When you’re shopping in a store, it’s quite easy to get a feel from a possible purchase. You can take a good look at the details, ask the seller, and even sit on it for the real feel. It’s not the same when shopping online, and you need to trust other people’s opinions. You need the patience to gather all the information you need on a model so that you don’t end up with a lemon.

Manufacturers that provide lifetime guarantee stand behind their products, so they’re always an excellent choice to try. Here are some other elements to check before buying:

  • Level of comfort

It depends a lot on a hunter, but many consider support to be fundamental for a good hunting chair. As you cannot try it online nor trust the personal take of other customers, the only thing left is to go with the reputed manufacturers simply. The best ones are made to provide the best comfort, no matter how long you sit in it. Look for a hunting chair made with high-quality materials and has an ergonomic design.

  • Weight and portability

When you plan a lot of moving on your hunt, the chances are that you’re going to carry a lot of hunting gear. The strain for your shoulders and back could be intense, which is why you should get a lightweight, portable hunting chair. Even if you can carry a heavy load, it’s going to slow you down, losing your game for the day.

Therefore, you want the chair to be lightweight yet rugged, with features that ensure both comfort and portability. A chair that is foldable and doesn’t add much weight to your load is a solid choice anytime.

Even if you’re shopping online, you can still check the weight of the hunting chair to make an idea about it.

  • Lifespan

Truth be told, it’s not a great idea to go shopping on a tight budget. It’s not that you cannot find hunting chairs for a low price (actually you do), but you may sacrifice the durability when going after the bargain price. You should see the hunting chair as a wise investment in the long run, so pay the extra buck for the more durable model.

A robust frame made of the contoured seat and aluminum body are features that durable models present. They’re able to handle your weight for many hours, without losing the shape. You want the materials to take the elements, with resistance to water, high temperature, sunlight, and mud.

  • Easy to set it up

Even if your hunt will take several hours, it doesn’t mean that you can afford to lose any of it while putting your hunting chair together. Your hunting chair must come with effortless setup, with smart features that save you time, without compromising on the comfort or portability.

You should check the hunting chairs that convert into bags for straightforward transportation. Even if the chair is comfortable to put together, it should never make a sound, so don’t forget to address the matter of noise when buying.

  • Scentless

You don’t need to be the most experienced hunter to know that wild animals quickly notice the human scent, able to pick up a scent from miles away. Should an animal spot you and your hunting chair, the chances for you to get it that day are quite slim. You can try all sorts of products for making your hunting chair scentless, but the best way is to get a scentless model right from the start. It spares you the later efforts.

  • Price

The market is incredibly generous, and you can find hunting chairs with all types of costs, fitting all sorts of budgets. Take it all with a grain of salt as you can find affordable hunting chairs that impress with the performance, and high-end models that end up to be lemons. Always get all the bits and bobs before placing your order. Pick three models within a price range that you can afford and check the features, materials, build, and performance side by side.

It doesn’t make any sense at all to settle when buying your hunting chair. It’s better to wait until you’re able to obtain the best in town. Don’t forget to ask for a warranty and to check the rules related to the money-back guarantee.


What’s to know about the weight limit?

The weight limit is something you’ll meet a lot when selecting your hunting chair. It refers to the total amount of human weight (not the best choice of words, we know) that both the material and frame can take without tearing apart.

Modern ones are made with lightweight and robust materials (aluminum is one) that don’t lose shape and can take up to 500lbs. Always take a look at the weight limit when choosing your hunting chair. Should the information not be provided, you can always ask the customer service for the details.