Essential Hammock Camping Gear

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows we are all eligible for basic, psychological, and self-fulfillment needs. Digging further you realize that no man or woman can live without food, water, warmth, and rest.

In short, hiking without a place to lay your head on for the night goes against Maslow’s hierarchy of need. Therefore, it is important you find the right hammock camping gear; gear that not only keeps you sheltered but also warm.

For the record, you do not just get up one day and go camping. Recall, camping in the wild is a gruesome task, that requires a lot of preparation and you need to know a few tips before going. Thus, buying the right gear renders the transition short and sweet.

But what kind of hammock camping gear do I need?

As you are aware, it takes days, even weeks for you to plan for a night out in the wild. Because of the intensity of the matter, it is always best that suit up or die. Carrying the right hammock gear, therefore, is non-negotiable.

What do you need then?

1. The Best Hammock Money Can Buy

Double Camping Hammock with Hammock Tree Straps

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Isn’t it obvious? Hammock camping without a hammock is no camping at all. Thus, you must buy an excellent hammock, sleeping regalia that is not only safe your use, but that is also long-lasting.

However, you must realize that not all hammocks are the same. There are those that offer comfort and those that do not. Also, hammocks come in different styles and sizes.

Therefore, all these aspects should inform your purchase decisions depending on the situation you are in.

Anyhow, it is always best you spend a fortune on the best hammock camping gear given it is of the highest grade and quality. Also, go for a bigger hammock that can accommodate two or more people if you are planning to have a “sleeping party”.

2. A Pair of Suspension Straps

Suspension straps for hammock

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Hammock camping is all about sleeping in a suspended bag. Therefore, only the brave do it and they devote all their trust to a hammock and some straps.

Buying the right straps not only guarantees your safety but also ensures you sleep comfortably too. Thus, it is always best you go big during a purchase.

Remember; always buy straps that can support your weight.

3. A Headlamp With You

headlamp with multiple lumens

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Do you have night vision eyes? Definitely not! Thus, it is important that you carry with you a quality headlamp with multiple lumens.

Recall, you will spend a lot of time in the dark and a headlamp is the only item that can help in brightening your world.

Anyway, there is a catch. Many headlamps get advertised as the best based on price something that has always disappointed many folks.

To be on the safer side, it is advisable that you buy a headlamp based on its specifications and performance. Generally, a headlamp with a long battery life will do.

4. Snacks (tummy time is yummy time)


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Only an imbecile would go camping without food or water. To be honest, hiking in the wild leave alone sleeping in the jungle is no child’s play. As a matter of fact, you risk losing your life when you do not carry the right hammock camping gear with you.

From experience, packing the right snacks and drinks can help sustain you and your other dependants during your stay in the wilderness. Anyhow, never carry alcohol with you.

Recall, taking alcohol in the wild might derail you from your tracks. Also, you risk getting injured or worse. For the record, a bar of chocolate, some potato crisps, biscuits, cakes, and water will do.

5. Carabiners


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No camper should go hiking without his carabiners. These hook-shaped loops are ideal for any camping expedition given that they allow you to anchor your camera, water bottle, and jacket from areas with a lot of moisture and dust.

In essence, carabiners make your life easier.

6. An Under Quilt

An under quilt

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One hammock camping gear you should never lack in your itinerary is the under quilt. Simple as it is, an under quilt might just save your life.

Remember, the night wind is colder than that witnessed during the day. Thus, it is always best you carry an under quilt with you lest you freeze to death.

7. A Rainfly

rainfly for hammock

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As the name suggests, a rainfly is a component engineered to shelter you from wind, rain, snow, or falling debris.

Hence, it is vital that you find yourself the best rainfly that money can buy, especially if you thrive in carrying the best hammock camping gear with you.

Quality guarantees longevity and safety.

8. A Lightweight and Waterproof Bag

Lightweight and Waterproof Bag

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It makes no sense for you to buy a hammock, straps, an under quilt, and headlamp yet lack the means to transport these items.

That settled, it is always advisable that you buy a lightweight and waterproof bag. A spacious pack allows you to carry more items at a go. The lightweight material used to manufacture the bag renders it portable.

9. A Long Rope

A long rope

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Hiking without a rope is like committing suicide. For your information, a rope helps you suspend your belongings up in the air and far away from the reach of wild animals. You by doing so safeguard your possessions from damage.

10. A Decent Camera

waterproof camera

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You should always carry a camera as part of your hammock camping gear. To put it plainly, people go camping to make memories. Therefore, a camera helps you relieve past moments again and again. But you need to dig deeper into your pockets and find the right camera.

A camera that is weatherproof, versatile, and durable helps you capture breathtaking images of your trip. It is also good that you buy a camera with a long battery life. Carrying some extra batteries also helps.

11. A Bug Net

Bug Net

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Why would you need a bug net? Let us face it. Life in the wild is tough and demanding. For example, you might find it hard sleeping in the jungle because of the thousands of mosquitoes and bugs flying past you. The good news, however, is that a bug net always shields you from the unknown. Thus, it is advisable that you buy a bug net with 360-degree protection, a net that keeps you safe all night long.

12. A Quality Top Quilt

Quality Top Quilt for hammock

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Most campers settle for sleeping bags but little do they know that a hammock laced with a top quilt brings heaven on earth. When harnessed correctly, the top quilt offers a warmth that is never easy to replicate. But there is a catch. You need to go for a top quilt that is lightweight. A lightweight top quilt, for your information, makes the best hammock camping gear.

13. A Sleeping Pad

A Sleeping Pad

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Carrying a sleeping pad as a part of your hammock camping gear helps in promoting your level of comfort. Although unnecessary, the sleeping pad cushions you from the cold and at the same time pampers your body from physical irritation.

14. Some Extra Guylines


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Many campers treat guylines as an afterthought something that should never be the case. From research, guylines help in setting tarps and other shelters properly which is why you must have quality ones.

15. A Couple of Stakes

hammock stakes

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Too much wind forces a hammock to sway. Luckily, stakes help anchor tarps, rainflies, and other shelters thus making them withstand strong winds.

16. Portable Cooking Pots

Portable Cooking Pots

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Who said that you only need to eat snacks when you go camping? Healthy eating always gets recommended whether you are at home or outdoors. Thus, a cooking pot is all you need to warm up a decent meal. The pot also helps you boil some drinking water, especially if you have to refill your supply. Better still, you can boil the water for a morning sponge bath. In short, cooking pots are unnecessary yet a superb addition to your hammock camping gear.


Hammock camping is possible only if you have the right gear with you. From an opinionated point of view, the best hammock camping gear comes but at a price. Therefore, you must spend a fortune for you to get quality. Failure to that, you only end up with crap that cannot last a lifetime.

But should price alone be the determining factor? Hell no! Consumer reviews will always guide you to the best there is, there was, and is to come.  Researching the internet helps advance your cause. However, you can always ask veteran campers of what can and cannot make it to your backpack.

As a rule of thumb, however, never go camping when you sense signs of extreme weather even with the right gear. For the record, the chances of you surviving a storm in the wild are close to nil. Also, it is always best that you ask for guidance. Having a veteran camper accompany you during the trip helps provide you with some extra safety and companionship. In a nutshell, you need three things when you go camping. These are the right hammock camping gear, sheer willpower, and a sense of freedom.

Don’t worry, if you are a beginner, you can read this guide to get some good information before you go hiking “Hammock Camping for Beginners“.