15 Hammock Camping Tips

Camping is good but hammock camping better. Many people today prefer to spend their time in the wilderness, something past generations never witnessed in the lifetimes.

Why this sudden surge? To be honest, the young tucks have discovered that hammock camping is not only beneficial to their minds but also body and soul. Therefore, they always look forward to this kind of hike as time allows. I recommend that you get informed before going on such a trip.

But did you know that hammock camping is no easy streak? For the record, it is not something you dream of and do but something you plan for. In short, you need to adhere to the following hammock camping tips for you to have an enjoyable experience in the jungle.

1. Buy the right gear

the right gear for hammock camping

You need to go big for you to stay strong. What do I mean by this? You must use a fortune to buy the best gear. Other than that, you risk hurting your finances and your health.

But what is the right gear in your view? Quality pieces always cost a fortune. Also, they are the pieces normally accompanied by the best consumer reviews. Thus, a look at consumer charts can help you choose right from wrong.

In essence, items like a hammock (buy one from here), straps, a paracode, a rainfly, a bug net, a headlamp, an under quilt, a top quilt, carabiners, guylines, stakes, and a sleeping pad should never lack in your itinerary.

With all the items at hand, you also need to:

2. Anchor your hammock well

Anchor your hammock well

Hammock anchorage is a skill you can only gain if you put your mind at it. Before anything else, it is important you plan for your hiking trip. Training on how to prop your hammock is essential given that it guarantees your well-being and safety. But which hammock camping tips should you follow?

Hanging the hammock is a slackened-like fashion proves to be the most ideal approach of propping up. Remember, a loosely tied hammock offers you more room to maneuver around thus the added comfort. Additionally, you can hang your hammock at a 360-degree angle to make the platform accommodate you better.

3. Sleep diagonally

Hammock sleeping diagonally

Like I said, propping a hammock up is a skill that requires a lot of patience and practice and the same applies to sleeping on the platform. As a beginner, you might find it hard resting on a hammock. However, all that can go away when you master the art of sleeping diagonally.

For the record, more of your body weight gets distributed evenly when you sleep diagonally meaning you get to enjoy a good night’s rest while at it.

4. Raise your foot end a notch higher

sleeping in a hammock

How do you sleep on a hammock without sliding back to the middle of the platform? It is simple. Hanging the hammock 8 to 10 inches higher than your headrest helps get the job done. As a matter of fact, it is one of the hammock camping tips you should follow to the letter.

5. Use a knee pillow

Hammock knee pillow

Let us face it. Sleeping in a hammock isn’t always an easy task. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to accomplish.

With the right hammock camping tips and tools, everything is possible. That settled, it is vital that you get hold of a knee pillow. Simple as it seems, a knee pillow helps protect your knees from getting hyper-extended. If the unforeseen happens, you may never fall into a deep and restful state all thanks to the added pressure.

Other than that, you can use some clothes to pad your knees. The bottom line, however, remains that you should always strive to find your comfort zone once you get into a hammock.

6. Never forget to carry a bug net with you

Bug net for hammock

Two bugs break my piece-the mosquito and the housefly. Unfortunately, these two bugs are virtually found in any space whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it is only wise that you prepare for the same. Having the right bug net with you not only protects you from common creepers like ants but also keeps you protected from malaria-causing mosquitoes.

Investing in a 360-degree protective bug net counts more than anything else in the world.

7. Use a sleeping pad or under quilt when resting

A Sleeping Pad

Why would you need a sleeping pad or under quilt in the first place when a hammock can offer you the level of comfort you desire? As studies show, a sleeping pad or under quilt protects your body from experiencing too much tension when you are asleep. In short, these two components add on to your level of comfort.

But that is not all. The sleeping pad or under quilt keeps you warm by shielding you from the night cold. Therefore, it is only when you follow these hammock camping tips that you have a better hiking experience.

8. Get innovative and use a drip line

drip line hammock

There is one thing that a house offers that a hammock cannot and that is protection from the elements of weather. Can you ever imagine sleeping on a wet platform?

It is devastating, right? Therefore, it is always best that you prepare for the worst even if it may never happen. Setting up a drip line under a tarp helps keep your hammock moisture-free even when the clouds have set loose all the cats and dogs.

9. Cushion your camping chair with a hammock

Hammock Comfort In A Camp Chair

Did you know that one of the best hammock camping tips compels you to cushion your camping chair with a hammock? To be blunt; camping chairs are downright uncomfortable to sit on. If given the chance, these chairs can suck the circulation out of your lower limbs.

Therefore, cushioning them with a well-folded hammock increases your level of comfort and at the same time protects your limbs from the loss of circulation.

10. Anchor your supplies in the air

supplies clinging to the hammock

Have you ever wondered why you need to carry a long paracord with you in the first place? Well, a paracord serves one basic function that of suspending your supplies in the air. Doing so keeps bugs away from your eateries and also protects your bags from getting mauled by wild animals.

With the above-mentioned hammock camping tips, hiking in the wilderness becomes more of a walk in the park.

Anyway, that is not all you must do. There are also thing you want to AVOID while hammock camping. So keep the following in mind…

11. DO NOT Hang your hammock on a steep slope and more than 3 feet above the ground

DO NOT Anchor your hammock in a location with dead trees

Anchoring your hammock on a steep slope exposes you to a series of risk factors; aspects that might take your life away. For instance, rock debris might come tumbling down over you leave alone a mudslide.

In the wrong height, you face the risk of falling down and shuttering your body to pieces.

12. DO NOT Anchor your hammock in a location with dead trees

Anchoring the hammock

Only a fool would do this. For your information, dead trees fall off all the time meaning you suffer the risk of becoming a casualty to your own plan when you fail to follow these excellent hammock camping tips.

13. DO NOT Engage in hammock stacking

hanging off the multiple hammocks

Hammock stacking is when you hang multiple hammocks in the same trees, one on top of the other. Why would you stack hammocks like a pile of cards? Doing so is not only stupid but also dangerous. Recall, someone on the top shelf might come tumbling down thus throwing the entire pack into a stupor.

14. DO NOT Store food in your hammock

food stuffed in hammock

Never store food and other edible in your hammock, especially when you are sleeping. Recall that wild animals roam around the woods. Therefore, having food stuffed in your hammock only makes you the focal point and an easy target for that matter.

15. DO NOT Forget to clear the ground under and around you of any debris

hammock Ground clearing

Ground clearing is essential to your safety. Remember, you run the risk of falling off from a hammock even when you are a veteran camper. Thus, clearing the site keeps you safe even when you fall because it gets rid of the sharp objects.

Ground clearance also ensures you can light up a fire without running the risk of burning the entire campsite.  Finally, you by clearing the ground get rid of snakes and scorpions that might put your life in danger.

Final Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, it is momentous that you follow the hammock camping tips outlined earlier to the letter.  Recollect, rules get created for a reason. Thus, you can only be safe and fruitful in your quest to have fun only if you adhere to the set principles. Far from that you risk falling off into the deep end.

Moreover, it is vital you carry the right gear with you. Going for some standard crap might seem like a wise decision without realizing that a poor choice can cost you your life. Hence, it important you choose your gear cautiously to ensure you are safe at all times. Also, never camp alone. Having a friend tag along with you during the trip advances your safety levels.

From the look of things, hammock camping is as easy as ABCD only if you are willing to pay the ultimate price. It is only when you stick to the rules of the game that you gain your success.

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