Hammock Camping With a Dog

Have you ever gone hammock camping with a dog or would you ever consider it? All these are incredible questions that require an open mind to answer.

According to the 2017 American Camper Report, about 40.5 million Americans went camping in 2016. A staggering number, right? Unfortunately, only a handful of these individuals have ever gone hammock camping with a dog.

It is with this in mind that you should read on given that the article guides you on how to camp with your dog using a hammock easily.

The Complete Guide to Hammock Camping With a Hound

The unknown always turns out to be enjoyable only when done correctly. In short, you have got to learn all about hammock camping with a dog for you to realize the right outcomes.

Proper research is essential given it prevents you from overlooking certain facts. Anyhow, you do not have to do all that because this guide teaches you the nitty-gritty of hammock camping with a dog and its benefits. Read on.

Is your dog physically and mentally prepared?

You as the dog owner may feel excited as you plan for a camping expedition with your best friend.  Regrettably, too much excitement makes you overlook the dog’s physical conditioning, something that can lead to extensive damage.

Therefore, it is important you test your dog’s physical and mental fitness levels. An honest evaluation always yields the best results. But how do you go around the issue altogether? Assessing the hound by breed and age comes first. Second, comes the dog’s activity levels.

You can also inspect your dog’s aggression levels. Let’s face it. An aggressive dog offers excellent security but it can also harm strangers, especially in a campsite.  Thus, it is essential you plan on when and where you ought to take your hound for hammock camping to avoid embarrassment.

Other than that, you can train your dog to respond better to new surroundings. After all, you would not want your hound to chew on your hammock in the middle of the night or would you Planning always keeps you ahead of the curve. What do I mean? It is important that you train your hound on how to sleep on a hammock with you before you even go camping.

Doing so helps condition the animal to the real situation. Better still; training instills a level of confidence in you and your pet dog meaning the chances of facing embarrassment are close to nil. However, ensure that the hammock is large enough to accommodate you two.

Have your dog prepared to hit the grind

Preparation is all you need to get your hound back to the grind. You must, for you to experience nothing but the best as you go hammock camping with a dog, ensure the hound is up to date with its vaccination schedule.

Proper vaccination is essential given that it protects your best friend from a wide range of illnesses. Grooming is also an important practice before you go hammock camping with your hound.

Dogs with long coats, for instance, require a lot of sheering before walking under the unforgiving summer sun.  Trimming the hound’s nails also protects your hammock from destruction. Recall, long nails can also pierce through your skin thus rendering your first night in the wild uncomfortable.

Woe unto you if you ever forget about shielding your pet dog from fleas and ticks. To be honest; you can never control everything that happens in the wild.  However, you can protect your dog from fleas and ticks by applying a repellent on its thick fur coat. Exterminating these bugs, for the record, helps give you and your hound a lot of comforts, especially when you are both hammock camping.

Carry the essentials with you

An unarmed man is a defenseless man. In short, going to the wild without supplies only exposes you and your hound to a series of risks.

Thus, it is important you carry with you a lot of potable water to help quench your thirst and that of the dog. Drinking plenty of water during a hike is important because it protects you and your pet from dehydration.

Also, you need to carry with you the right gear for your hound assuming it prefers to sleep on the ground as opposed to the hammock. Carrying a rain cover, a spare towel, wind, and water resistant blankets, a sleeping pad, a bug net, and a quilt also help make your stay in the wild exciting. Carrying a dog leash with you is also advisable.

Is the campsite ideal for dogs?

Always call ahead of time to ensure that the campsite you have settled for encourages you to tag along with your dog. Doing so not only saves you from embarrassment but also protects your hound from any physical harm.  Remember, terrain matters a lot and a steep campsite only makes matters worse for you and your pet dog.

How good is the weather?

Pay close attention to the weather. After all, it makes no sense for you to step out of your house and end up in a flooded campsite. In short, only go camping when the weather favors you and your hound. You can even postpone your trip until when the weather conditions become ideal.

What to do when you reach the campsite

What do you do when you reach the campsite? Always make it your mission to secure the grounds before ever settling in. Getting rid of broken glass helps keep you and your pet safe. Second, you must find the right place to prop your hammock. A region between two trees is ideal. Anyway, avoid an environment with dead trees because they might fall on you without notice. Finally, you must set up your hammock and dog bed before calling it a night.

Advantages of hammock camping with a dog

Hammock camping with a hound helps create a memorable experience between you and your dog.  The practice also helps establish a bond that is never easy to break between you two. To add the icing to the cake, hammock camping with a dog adds more comfort and warmth to the equation.