17 Ways to Enjoy Hiking With Kids More

Hiking is enjoyable only when you have the right company with you. Kids, to set the record straight, are a sign of good tidings given they bring a lot of fun and laughter to the occasion. Unfortunately, many parents today leave their kids at home, entrusting them with the blue television screens and computer powered machines while they are away.

Little do they know that a hike with their children can be one of the most memorable experiences they have ever had. But kids are as delicate as they come. So how do you hike with your kids without exposing them to a series of risks?

It is simple.  You do not just wake up one day and decide that you will go hiking. Keep in these important points as you plan your next trip hiking with kids.

1. Eat like your life depends on it

Never leave the house on an empty stomach while going hiking with kids. Eating proteins, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates can keep you energized all day long.

2. Pay special attention to the nature trails you settle for 

As you have always heard, failing to plan is like planning to fail. Let us face it. Disaster strikes when you do not plan. That said, it is always good you organize your hiking itinerary into sizable milestones your kids can handle depending on their fitness levels.

Thorough research is important given that there are over a dozen hiking trails in the world. Being safe, however, does not mean you should be boring.

You, being an adventurous person have to find a trail that offers many interesting activities to your children. Also, the trail must be long but not so long.

3. Allow your kids to get into shape

Hiking is quite an enduring task both for kids and adults. Thus, it is only wise that you allow your children to stretch out before embarking on the life-altering journey.

You must also, towards the end of the hike extend travel time, say by 10 minutes maximum. Doing so not only takes your kids to the limit but also helps them master their inner strength.

However, you need to be careful. Kids are downright delicate. Thus, you must organize your milestones into highly manageable bits; bits they can accomplish without getting fatigued.

4. Carry a lot of food and water with you

Did you know that hiking without food and water is like driving a car without fuel? Let us be honest. You need the energy to work leave alone walk.

Therefore, the only way to ensure that you and your kids have enough gas left in the tank during a hike is by packing a lot of water and light snacks. Chocolate bars, peanuts, and some biscuits will do.

In short, carrying enough supplies with you is the only way to ensure that you enjoy hiking with kids.

5. Hiking with kids must start early

Timing is essential when it comes to hiking. For the record, daytime temperatures are at their lowest in the morning. You and your kids are likely to tire less in the morning than in the afternoon when the sun is up.

Thus, you should capitalize on your mornings because that is when you are most productive. Also, that is the only time kids feel energized to kick start their day.

6. Carry a digital camera with you

As you can remember, memories get made of black. You must, apart from having your kids tag along, carry a camera with you.

The camera helps you capture lasting moments as you go hiking with kids, memories worth sharing with friends and family.

Always ensure the camera gets fully charged the night before your travel date. Carrying some extra batteries with you also helps.

7. Pay attention and dress according to the weather

Weather changes all the time. That said, it is important you take a look at the current weather projections before stepping out of the house.

You all must dress lightly on a sunny day to avoid too much sweating. Cool temperatures should be counteracted by warm dressing and vice versa.

However, it is always advisable that you carry sweaters and jackets for your kids given that many nature trails always lead you to some dense forest cover. Taking a look at the prevailing weather conditions helps safeguard you and your family from natural disasters like floods, lightning, and heat waves.

8. Never leave your house without a first aid kit

Hiking with kids is fun. Anyhow, you should always prepare yourself for the unexpected, physical injury to be precise.

Carrying a first aid kit helps as you can always sanitize cuts and bruises whenever they occur lest your kids drown themselves in tears. Having a couple of wet wipes with you never hurts.

9. Plan ahead for rest stops

Do you want your kids to tag along the next time you go hiking? Believe me; denying your children rest during a hike can throw them off balance. As a matter of fact, they may never accompany you on your next expedition.

Anyhow, incorporating short periods of rest can help advance your agenda. You, while you are at it, should ensure that all your babies get properly fed. Taking pictures is also allowed in this stage.

10. Be observant

Children have significant bursts of energy that make them restless. However, they tire fast especially when exposed to arduous activities and hiking with kids is one of these tasks.

Thus, it is important that you maintain a close eye on your children and at all times. Paying attention to their movements is the simplest way of telling they are getting tired.

You, right after sounding the alarm, have to turn back lest you expose your kids to a series of health risks. To set the record straight, children are prone to physical injury when they get fatigued.

11. Pay attention to time

Whoever said you must walk the talk was no fool. Hiking is one activity that requires you to do as you had planned including keeping tabs with time.

Being an excellent timekeeper ensures you not only have ample time to hike but also to get back home before nightfall.

12. Every child must have a role

Children love responsibility. On your part, role-playing can help advance your cause given that it always motivates your child to reach a goal.

Roles also keep your kids busy making them hit hiking milestones without ever realizing it.

13. Give a reward for every successful milestone

Who does not like gifts? Let us face it. We only work hard when we know that there is a reward in the end. Kids, too, need to be rewarded for their efforts, especially after a hike.

Prizing them keeps them motivated and eager to follow you on your next hiking expedition.

14. Hike with friends

Hiking is a turn on especially when you are with the right company. Having a few friends accompany you during a hike not only makes the experience enjoyable but interesting too.

Kids, too, find pleasure in playing with their newly found friends, something that goes a long way towards ensuring they enjoy their time outdoors.

15. Play games to keep moving

Hiking with kids is never easy. They, with time, get bored something that diverts their attention. Anyway, it is advisable that you play games with them as you walk to help divert their attention thus keep them moving.

16. Enjoy the walk and the talk

Hiking is the best time for bonding. You can use this opportunity to learn more about your children. Sharing a few stories also helps keep the trip interesting.

17. Gifts for the finish line

What do you do when you get back home? Do you idle around, sleep, or fade away into the abyss? Well, there is no decisive answer to this question.

However, you can use the extra time for recreation by taking your kids to the movies or for a swim. Helping them relax after a long and exhausting day is a reward enough for them.

Final Thoughts

Hiking with kids is all you could ask for as a parent. The activity not only helps you bond with your children but also gives you all the chance to learn from each other and this is one of many other reasons.

Additionally, it is the only time you can keep your kids away from the digital hype without causing a fuss.  Without forgetting, you also get your family fit as you have fun making you kill two birds with one stone. From the look of things, hiking is one of the best things that can ever happen to your family given that you not only strengthen your body but also your mind and soul.

Therefore, you should never shy away from having your kids tag along with you on a hike because they always fill your heart with joy and laughter.