How to Clean Tan Suede Tactical Boots

Suede boots really made an impression over the last few years as they’re not only easy to wear, but also comfortable and great for the hot summer missions in the desert.

If cleaning suede looked tricky, you may even think twice as tan suede puts you even more in a pickle than regular suede boots. And if you’re adding “tactical” to the equation, you’re getting yourself in front of a job that is never easy.

Despite of its challenges, there are no reasons for you not to rise to the occasion, especially when you’re getting loads of tips on the matter.

Condition, condition and …condition

This is the very first thing to do when you’re getting some tan suede tactical boots. Conditioning the tan suede tactical boots is going to extend their life span even more than you’d expect.

Use a stain proof and waterproof product that is made also for the use on suede. You want a protective barrier against water that is always invisible. You should always stay on the safe side and get products labeled for use on suede.

Go the extra mile and run a patch test on a small and difficult to notice spot on a part of your tactical boots (the inside or the back of the boot is always a good option). This type of products may darken the color of your boots, so make sure you don’t skip this step.

What’s to keep in mind when cleaning the tan suede tactical boots?

It’s only a matter of time until your tan suede boots get dirty so go over our tips for better cleaning:

  • Dry the boots

This is one step you should never skip on when taking care of your tan suede tactical boots. Never apply heat or place them near a heater, no matter how tempted you may be.

  • Fill them in with some paper

You want to put some crumpled paper inside your boots so that they maintain their natural shape throughout the whole cleaning process. As suede is rather a soft material, you want to toughen it up a bit so that you can better work on the difficult spots.

  • Remove the dirt

You should start by gently brushing the dust and dirt off your shoes. Hit gently the heels of your boots for removing the big parts. Never use a wire brush on your tan suede tactical boots. If your boots are dry, let them dry before taking care of this part.

You may also rub the boots with a clean bath towel. Stay away from water and only use the soft bath towel for removing all the layers of dust that are more difficult to notice. Always wipe in the direction of the grain and never use back and forth motion on your tan suede tactical boots.

  • Side note- the white vinegar tip

If your boots have some stubborn stains (salt, wine, or food) use some white vinegar on a clean cloth, slowly wiping the areas in need. Start with applying the vinegar on the stains and let the area completely dry. Use a suede brush to complete the job.

  • Use a cleaning block/suede eraser

A suede eraser aka a suede cleaning block is what you need for removing the thick dirt buildup. The suede eraser looks a lot like a small eraser and it’s white most of the time. You should slowly and gently erase the stain, until it falls apart. Don’t go over your head for finding the perfect one. A suede cleaning kit is going to work its magic every time.

A Tip to Go

Chances are you’re not going to always have the suede eraser on you, but you’re still going to need to properly clean them. You can easily take your suede boots and rub them against each other to remove the scuff. Not only it doesn’t cost you anything, but it also solves the problem right away.