Hunting Chairs & Turkey Hunting-Everything You Should Learn About when Preparing for the Gobbler Season

Any avid hunter likes a discount, especially when the gobbler season is near. One can never have too many gears for their turkey hunting!

One of the many things you need is a chair, and the variety covers both hi-tech models and simple seats for the passionate turkey hunter.

You don’t need to be the most experienced hunter to know that different jobs require different hunting gear, and turkey hunting makes no exception. There are several ways of going after your gobbler, which is why you may need various hunting tools.

Long story short, it’s the same with the hunting chairs and seats for turkey hunting. Keep reading if you want to find out all the details you didn’t know until now so that you may choose the perfect hunting chair and seat for the next turkey season.

How many types of turkey hunting chairs can you choose from?

Not everyone goes for hunting from the ground, and hunting above the senses of your turkey is something that many hunters prefer. Some happen to have the best experience while sitting in a chair for hours, whereas others cannot imagine hunting without being close to the ground. Hunting chairs give you fantastic comfort, whereas the seat cushions provide impressive freedom of movement. Unless you try them all, you cannot say which type of hunting chair works best for you.

From a general point of view, there are only three main types of seats that work when going after your gobbler: the chair with the back, the backless seat/chair, and the seat cushion. And when it comes to hunting turkeys, you can either go with the open country hunt or woods type hunt.

When you’re hunting within a blind, there are several sorts of hunting chairs to use, with the chairs with the back being the best choice. They’re highly comfortable, and you’ll probably spend more than a couple of hours in a hit. Keep in mind that most blinds a quite high, so the hunting chair should be tall enough to allow visibility from the blind.

The Hunting Stool can also be a solid choice for a blind, especially since it’s lightweight. It’s not the most comfortable option, though. And when you’re not sitting in a blind, you will have to sit straight on the ground, resting the gun on one knee, in a shooting position. It’s not like you can stay like this many hours.

Should you decide to use a pop-up blind, the seat may be the better option. It’s like a hunting chair, but it doesn’t come with a back. Many experienced hunters don’t even bother getting one simply because you may very well stand and use a cushion when sitting down.

It takes us to the last type of hunting seat, which is the seat cushion, with many turkey hunters using it 95% of the time.

Hunting seat cushion or hunting chair- which one works better?

As you can see, in the case of turkey hunting, there are only two main types of hunting chairs to select from: the chair with the back and the cushion.

Should you not hunt from pop-up style bling, the best hunting chair for you will be a short-legged model. The closer you can sit to the ground, the better for your hunt, especially when it comes to turkey hunting. You need to be able to rest so that your gun is within reach at all times. If a gobbler surprises you, you need to be able to get the weapon in a blink of an eye!

Even if both types of hunting chairs work for turkey hunting, many prefer the seat cushion due to its versatility. However, it’s nice to have some sort of drawback for comfortable sitting. When you’re out there, you can quickly look for a tree that is wide enough for your back, but you’re not always that lucky! If you end up sitting against a small diameter tree, pay attention so that the turkey doesn’t see you!

When you’re hunting in open country with only a couple of trees, you need to go with support for your back. Needless to say, the cushion would make the most unfortunate choice. You can also get a turkey vest that provides excellent back support. Don’t haste when shopping, especially if you’re planning to spend several hours in an open country.

Hunters living in the South can easily hunt, as there’s always a swamp or a tree to use for sitting against.

Why use&not use a turkey hunting chair?

Maybe the next list of benefits and shortcomings will help you decide if the hunting chair works for your turkey hunting.

Let’s begin with the benefits when using a hunting chair:

  • It’s more comfortable than a cushioned seat
  • It protects the bottom against the water when your setup is in a wet area
  • You can sit for many hours in it
  • It provides excellent backrest when hunting in an area without trees to sit against

The pet peeves aren’t deal-breakers, but it’s best to check them for completing the picture:

  • The hunting chair can be bulky and cumbersome to carry around
  • It doesn’t let you back up to a tree when you want to break up the outline
  • It limits your mobility
  • It’s not comfortable to sit with the knee up for resting the gun at ready.

Is the design important?

Generally speaking, the hunting chair is just like any other chair, but it should come with specific details if you’re going to use it for your turkey hunting. You need to pay attention to the leg design, without skipping the size and the weight.

When it comes to leg design, two options stand out as the best choices for turkey hunting. The first type is the four original design, and the other one is the “U” style design, and each of them has its ups and downs.

The difference in the leg design counts when you consider the ground. If you’re hunting in soft organics and wet muck, the four-leg will probably sink in. Soon enough, your butt is going to be all wet, which isn’t pleasant or functional on a hunt. Therefore, the “U” type leg is the best option, since it will spread the load over more area, ensuring excellent support as well.

The downside for the “U” type chair is it doesn’t allow you to sit close to a tree. When you’re hunting in high water table regions, the trees will most likely have a swell butt to them, whereas the ground is higher at the base. Therefore, the “U” style chair will sit highly centered on roots or sticks, rending the whole experience to be anything but fun. For the obvious reasons, you’re not going to experience this sort of problem with the four-leg chair on this type of surface.

All in all, you need to consider the surface you’re planning to hunt so that you get the chair most comfortable for your hunting.

What do experienced turkey hunters recommend?

If you call yourself a passionate turkey hunter, the answer is obvious: you have all of them! The more you get into turkey hunting, the more gear you will buy for the best experience. A three-legged stool, several hunting chairs, both “U” leg, and four legs chairs will be part of your hunting gear after some time. It doesn’t mean that you may not have a favorite type! Many admit that the turkey vest ends up being the no.1 choice!

Don’t hesitate to check a “U” leg design with a shorty beach lounge chair and made of lightweight aluminum tubing. A webbed seat is used as well, rending the chair to be just perfect for turkey hunting. Bear in mind that when you want to sit very close to the ground so that you may still rest with the knee supporting the gun, look for the lightest model. It’s fundamental for your hunting experience. When you don’t have the budget for all the types of hunting chairs, even a simple chair sitting against the base of a tree may work, as long as you turn it into a seat cushion. Don’t forget that you need to make it waterproof. You may also attach it to the vest so that you can effortlessly carry it around. Don’t go with anything thinner than 1 1/2”.

Wrapping it all up, we should highlight that the turkey chair is fundamental only if it fits your hunting styles and the circumstances of your experience. If you know for sure that you’ll stay in the same spot for many hours, or hunt on a flat/open area with no trees whatsoever, the hunting chair is essential to get.

Turkey hunting is a lot about being on your feet and walking one place to another, taking the fight to the gobblers. Not everyone likes sitting for hours on end or calling to the wind- to each their own!