Kick Scooter for Adults-The Fundamental Info to Know before Considering Buying

Also known as a push scooter or only a bike, the kick scooter is a human-powered street vehicle. It has wheels, deck, and handlebar.

Titanium, steel, and aluminum are some of the most common materials used for kick scooters nowadays. If the models for kids come with 3 to 4 wheels and aren’t foldable nor made with robust materials, the kick scooters for adults come with electric motors, which is why they can get up to 19mph.

Why do adults use kick scooters?

With the majority of kick scooters being three times faster than walking, it’s pretty apparent why adults (especially those commuting) are starting to use kick scooters a lot more than they used to.

  • Size

Kick scooters are rather small, especially when compared to bicycles. Thanks to their size, it’s easier to carry them from place to place, when not in use.

  • Weight

A smaller size also means less weight, which only makes the kick scooters a more appropriate option when commuting. Even the models made with sturdy and heavy materials are lighter than the famous bicycle opponents.

  • Versatility

Many models today present a foldable design so that you can easily carry it in your office or your flat. The foldable design increases its portability and versatility. It’s always going to be easier for you to store a foldable kick scooter than a bicycle, only because the footprint is going to be a lot smaller.

  • Safety against thieves

Unlike bicycles, kick scooters aren’t very appealing to thieves. Even if a kick scooter is a lot easier to steal, it’s not going to bring much money to a thief.

  • Ease of use

You don’t need to practice for riding a kick scooter. It’s an intuitive vehicle, and you’re going to figure out how to ride it the second you use it.

The rear brake helps you slow down, whereas the handlebar helps you keep it under you. You don’t need any skills, muscles, or athletic skills for using the kick scooter.

What are the downsides for kick scooters?

Even if the downsides aren’t deal breakers, you still need to check them so that you can have the full picture:

  • Not very fast

No matter the size of the motor, no kick scooter is going to be as fast as a bicycle. As it’s slower than a bike, you may also get tired more quickly on a kick scooter than on a bike too.

  • Not for all surfaces

Many of the kick scooters out there come with small wheels that are made with hard rubber. It means that using the kick scooter on rough roads is going to be tricky, especially when compared to the bicycles.

  • “dork” factor

For the reasons we can correctly understand, the kick scooter is still seen as a “dorky” vehicle. It used to be a children toy, which is why getting rid of the childish vibe is quite a challenge.

Despite its utility, functionality, and even health benefits, the kick scooter still reminds you of a kid, which we cannot take very seriously.

What are the benefits for the health?

It may not always be obvious, but the kick scooter does have a positive impact on an adult’s health condition:

  • Burns fat

Scooting isn’t burning your energy, there’s no denying in that. You’re not going to get very tired when scooting, as your heart is going to remain between 60 to 70% of max range. But it’s right when the body begins to burn the fat, rending the scooter to be one way of getting rid of some fat.

  • Not very tiring

Anyone exercising a lot knows that you need to give your muscles a break after some intense workout/. But this only increases the time you need when working out and we all know that time is something to crave for these days.

With scooting being a low-intensity workout, you’re going to be able to exercise and wins you time too.

  • Fasted sessions

If you want to lose some weight, the fasted sessions (on an empty stomach that is) are your best shot. Some experts say that if you’re capable of scooting for half an hour on an empty stomach, you’re going to burn that fat faster than when working out at any time throughout the day.

Next time you go to work, wake up earlier, and scoot your way down to the office.

  • Safe for your body

Unlike another exercising that may result in strain or even injury, scooting is a lot easier and safer too. The risk for an injury when riding your kick scooter is rather low- as much as you see where you’re going.

Side note: You can make the scooting more effective if you run up on a slope. Be extra careful when coming down a hill, though. A kick scooter for adults may not provide stability and control at high speeds, so pay attention when running down.

  • How much power do you need?

You need around 100 watts of power for riding a kick scooter. One hour of continuous riding is going to burn 430kCal of energy (give or take).

How to select a kick scooter for adults?

It goes without saying that not all kick scooters were created equal. The height options, the colors, or the wheels are only some of the aspects you need to pay attention to.

Scroll down for the details before you go shopping.

  • Size of wheels

If you’re taking a look at kick scooters, you’ll see that the wheels differ in size. You can find models that have two wheels that are the same size, whereas other models have a large wheel in front and a smaller one in the back.

There are seven different wheel sizes, with three sitting on the large size and the other four qualifyings as small. The range is from 100 to 230mm.

Large wheels ensure better stability and are capable of absorbing more shock than the smaller types. However, they add weight to the kick scooter, so you need to know what counts for you the most.

On the other hand, a kick scooter with smaller wheels is going to be faster and easier to carry around too. Make sure you’re ready to feel the vibrations a lot better as the small wheels don’t take in much shock.

  • The size of the deck

The part that you stand on is known as the deck. There are only two sizes for the deck of a kick scooter: small and large, with the latter coming in various sizes.

If you like the extra comfort, have big feet, or only you’re riding a kick scooter for the very first time, you should get a model with a large deck. Look for a smaller deck if you want your kick scooter to be lightweight and agile.

  • Suspension

The suspension is the mechanism resembling the spring. It’s typically attached to the back or the front of the scooter.

The suspension is essential for absorbing shock as it lowers the number of vibrations that you feel in your feet and hands when riding.

With that in mind, it’s evident that good suspension is always going to make the riding a lot more comfortable. The main pet peeve is that suspension adds weight to the kick scooter, as the vehicle has to be more significant.

  • Brakes

Many scooters feature a brake on the curb; you push it down with your foot. Even if it’s the most popular design, it’s not the only one as some kick scooters come with a brake lever on the handlebars (similar to bicycles). In this case, it’s connected to the back wheel for increased safety when you stop.

It’s a matter of personal take which design you like more, even though most choose the traditional style and not the bicycle-style.

  • Folding mechanism

There are two kinds of folding mechanism: the three action and the single-action mechanism. The three action mechanism includes three steps (release the clamp, move the pin and put the clamp in place for securing it) and it’s the most popular at the moment.

Even if the single-action mechanism is rather new, it’s still a reliable and effective mechanism to have on a kick scooter. It eliminates the first and the last step, allowing you to move the pin where you need, with no need for clamping. Some think it’s not that safe, whereas others see it as an easier-to-use mechanism.

Both mechanisms are safe and straightforward, and you may need three more seconds to use the three action mechanism.

  • Additional features

Carry straps and kickstands are only some of the features that you can find in a kick scooter. A model that comes with kickstand isn’t going to present a foldable design, though (it won’t be necessary).

The carrying straps aren’t mandatory, but they ease out the transportation of your scooter, allowing you to use your hands for something else.

One last piece of advice before you start your shopping session

the overall build of your kick scooter also counts for the performance of your vehicle. Models made by the respected brands are typically well-made and long-lasting, but you shouldn’t worry that the lower prices models in sports departments are going to be a lemon.

If possible, look for the signs that a kick scooter isn’t as good as the manufacturer claims to be:

  • Rattling sound/squeaking when riding it
  • Parts that don’t fit perfectly rending the bike to have a flimsy feel.
  • Paint that chips off easy
  • Heavy scooter
  • Low quality for the bearings, making the kick scooter able of rolling smoothly only for a short distance