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How to aim and shoot a recurve bow

With archery becoming more and more popular, it makes perfect sense that more and more guides are coming out the surface. One of the most popular bows at the moment, the recurve bow hit the market, also thanks to Katniss Everdeen, the female hero from Hunger Games. You don't just go ahead and ...

Which Hunting Chair Works Best for Turkey Hunting

If you call yourself a turkey hunter, you know that there are several types of hunting chairs that make your hunt more comfortable and efficient. Even if a hunting chair isn’t going to make you get that perfect shot, it can surely bring comfort to your back, arms, and legs. And when you have no ...

Guide to Use when Selecting Hunting Chars

Hunting Chairs- The reasons for Using one &The Ultimate Guide to Use when Selecting If you’ve been hunting for a while, you know that you cannot just go ahead and buy the very first model you find in town. The design of the chair, the legs, the mechanisms, or the weight are only some of the ...