Which Hunting Chair Works Best for Turkey Hunting

If you call yourself a turkey hunter, you know that there are several types of hunting chairs that make your hunt more comfortable and efficient.

Even if a hunting chair isn’t going to make you get that perfect shot, it can surely bring comfort to your back, arms, and legs. And when you have no sore on your body parts, the chances of getting the most accurate shot are a lot higher.

Do seats matter much for your turkey hunting?

When it comes to turkey hunting, it’s typical that you scout a location and choose it, staying there for several hours. Calls can also attract turkeys, but you should expect to keep up a couple of hours in the same spot.

With you spending quite some time in just one place, it’s a wise idea to buy a comfortable chair or seat cushion.

Shouldn’t the current location not bring you any success, you have to move to the next spot, without forgetting the seat or chair. Ground seats are a popular choice amongst turkey hunters as they’re comfortable and really easy to carry around.

The truth is that it’s all a matter of personal taste in the end, and many experienced turkey hunters buy both seat cushions and hunting chairs. The possibilities are many, and you need only a couple of recommendations when purchasing.

What aspects count the most when selecting the turkey hunting chair?

Even if the level of comfort is the essential feature to consider, several factors render a hunting chair to work for your turkey hunting or not. Here’s what you should check next time you’re shopping for one:

  • Level of comfort

The majority of hunting chairs are comfortable as they feature thick padding on the seats and highly ergonomic backrest. When you go turkey hunting, you’re going to be sitting in the same spot for quite some time, so lack of back support isn’t something you can afford. The seat should also have the appropriate for your height. Moreover, everything should be supported in a cozy way for many hours.

  • Portability

Some types of turkey chairs are fantastic due to their portability. Many models are easy to fold and carry to the next location. Hunting chairs should also be lightweight so that you don’t get tired from carrying them. You need to find the perfect balance between comfort, padding, backrest, portability, and weight. Quite easy, right?

  • Lifespan

No matter the piece of hunting equipment you’re buying, you want it to take the use for a long time. The hunting chairs make no exception, and you want it to handle a couple of seasons. It should also take excessive use, and have high resistance to wear and tear. Carrying one that breaks down to pieces in the middle of nowhere is one unfortunate adventure, to say the least

How does an ideal low-profile hunting chair look like?

Honestly, it’s a matter of personal taste when it comes to the height of the chair, but anyone sitting for hours on a hunt tells you that sitting closer to the ground is a lot more comfortable. Plus, it’s easier to have your gun ready all the time when being closer to the ground.

A low-profile hunting chair presents a wide-base so that its feet don’t sink into the ground. Water-resistance features are something to look for too. Also, the back and the seat should be made with polyester for durability and comfort. The frame should be powder coated so that it doesn’t rust any time soon. Any turkey hunter knows that standing in humid areas is something familiar.

The perfect low-profile turkey hunting chair is comfortable and has a durable and long-lasting steel frame. It’s powder-coated and has water-resistant features too, taking the use for quite some time.

The wide base feet provide security and stability, reducing the risk of sinking into the ground. The armrests should be stable and foam-padded for increased comfort.

Even if this low-profile chair is loaded with useful features, it shouldn’t compromise on the portability. On the contrary, the hunting chair also features compression wrap and built-in strap so that it’s easy for you carrying it around.

Despite the rugged build and features, the hunting chair shouldn’t add too much weight to your hunting equipment. 5.5lbs is a good weight to carry around. As for the weight limit, the hunting chair should handle a hunter up to 250lbs.

Comfort for many hours is essential for turkey hunters (or any other type of hunters). You want to have your friends free at all times, so look for the chairs that come with cup holders (among other features). Foldable design, silent operation, and scentless build complete the picture, so don’t hesitate to try it sometimes.

Is a seat cushion a reliable option for turkey hunting?

Hunting can take a lot of hours, and one of its attractions is the fact that you just don’t know when you’re going back home.

Even if it’s not mandatory, some turkey hunters go with the hunting seat cushion. A seat cushion may also provide better comfort than a chair, especially when it comes to long periods of wait.

A soft cushion made of foam will work great for hunting. Look for the models with carrying straps so that you may easily attach it to your hunting equipment. Truth be told, a seat cushion may increase your speed, as any other hunting chair is more substantial than a seat cushion.

There are several materials used for hunting seat cushions. Bear in mind that the extra soft seat can become uncomfortable after some time. A seat cushion made with three-inch-thick foam and gel pad inserts is one good model to try. It should have an ergonomic shape and even FC-1 snap adapters for more versatility. The shredded filling and soft closed-cell foam should provide comfortable sitting for many hours. Thanks to the build, a seat cushion of this kind would distribute seat pressure evenly and sustain consistent circulation.

It may sound surprising, but great models come with a pocket so that you can store some essential items.

They can even come with a warranty, so choose carefully.

Have you heard about the heated seat cushions?

For those of you who want a warm and comfy seat cushion while hunting, a heat-a-seat cushion is a great choice. The seat cushion is insulated, handling the elements quite efficiently. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and long-lasting. The design is smart, and the handle cut-out solves the carrying problem.

What makes this seat cushion stand out is the possibility of using it with no batteries, chemicals, or any other tricks. The seat cushion can reflect and retain the heat of your body, providing fantastic comfort. It keeps your bottom warm and dry for a long time.

The seat cushion is also filled with shredded and Insulosoft closed-cell foam that offers the best insulation so far. The carrying handle makes it highly portable, and the water-resistance recommends it for turkey hunting.

On top of everything else, it comes in orange color, just the way the turkey love it J

Are the swivel hunting chairs an option for turkey hunting?

A hunting chair with swivel features will make turkey hunting a lot more fun and comfortable. It should come with a camo pattern for the material so that you blend into the surroundings a lot easier.

One thing you cannot compromise about this type of chair is the material. It has to be tough and powder-coated steel so that it handles swiveling for many years. The frame should be durable and rugged, whereas the weight capacity should be functional (350lbs weight capacity is fair enough).

If possible, take a good look at the rotation of frame since difficulty in movement may worsen your accuracy when the time is right. The structure should be powder coated, and the legs should be self-leveling so that you can obtain the best stability.

As for the extra features, some may really dig the insulated cooler bag under the seat. What’s a wait without any snacks or drinks? Hunting in the warm season is fun, but you can get thirsty after a while. Plus, the seat covers should be easy to remove for cleaning.

The seating area should also be wide so that the level of comfort is high. Despite the swiveling feature (at least to 180degree, even though 360degree is ideal), it should still be foldable and portable. Don’t forget to take a look at the backrest and don’t take anything less than comfy.

We should also remind you that swivel hunting chair has to provide stability despite the swivel function, even if you’re sitting on rugged terrain.

Check to see if the chair comes with shoulder straps for effortless transportation. It’s an excellent choice for dove hunting too.

You should know that a swivel chair is reliable for open fields and box blinds, so don’t buy it if none is appealing to you.

One last piece of advice

Many experienced hunters try all types of hunting chairs as each fits better a specific kind of turkey hunting. As long as your budget is generous, you can do the same. After all, you only live once!